Terms of Service


Design quotes are valid for 30 days from the date of receipt. If we have not received payment within 30 days said quote becomes null and void.


All communication between you the client and Yellow & Savvy Design are done via email. For record-keeping purposes, we cannot communicate over the phone.

Payment & Refunds

Yellow & Savvy Design requires all services to be paid in two payments. We require an initial 50% deposit prior to the start of the project. The initial deposit holds valuable calendar space and is non-refundable. The remaining 50% balance will be due prior to delivery of the final product. Once full payment is received, the final product will be delivered via email and/or installed on your website.

We accept debit cards, credit cards and e-check payments through PayPal (an account is not required to make a payment).

Design Schedule & Timeframe

Once you pay your initial deposit, you will be placed on our schedule and given a time frame upon which your project will be completed. We will contact you via email when we are ready to begin your project, and keep in mind that unforseen circumstances may occur which could make your design possibly longer to complete.

30-Day Period

Once the project has begun, failure in responding to our e-mails and no attempts to make any other form of contact for more than 30 days will result in your deposit being forfeited and your design project will be terminated without notice. If for any reason after 1 month has passed and you request that we resume your design at any time in the future, it will be at our discretion and additional fees may apply.

Proofs & Revisions

The designs we create for you are based on your details and preferences you tell us from your initial quotes and the email exchanges with our designer so please be as specific as possible to avoid any confusion later. After the first draft of your design is sent, you are allowed 4 rounds of reasonable revisions. Any more drafts and/or revisions needed after that will be billed at $45 per hour.

Minor revisions such as changing a font, photo, colors or sizes will be allowed at no charge. Major revisions (requesting a new idea/layout than originally quoted for) will be billed at $45 per hour. All further discussion regarding major revisions will be discussed through email upon request.

Development & Completion

We cannot guarantee deadlines but will take the estimated deadline into consideration as each project and client is unique. We will communicate with our clients through email with status updates. However if a rush fee was paid by the client, the final product will be delivered to the client on time.


The client is responsible for providing login information and passwords to any web hosting, FTP access or blog account. All login information received are kept confidential.

Browser Compatibility

All designs are scanned for issues in the latest browser versions of: Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Chrome, and Safari. This guarantee does not cover AOL, text-based browsers, screen readers, hand-held or outdated browsers, or any requested special effects that we have advised against. Unless specifically requested and purchased by the client, we do not code for browsers older than the current release so please make sure you are running the latest version of your browser before submitting issues.


Up to four days of support will be available following the completion of your project. Our web developer will let you know when this four days begins so there won’t be any confusion. Please check through your website and discover any issues or questions you may have and email us within these four days. We feel this is necessary to every client we’re unable to offer support outside of this time frame without charging any fees.


Upon product delivery, the client retains the copyright for all custom design work. However, we require that the design (entire theme) as a whole not be altered. For as long as the design is used, our design credit must remain in the footer. The custom theme (website/blog design) is for a single domain, thus, the design as a whole or in part shall not be used on another domain. Contact us if you want to make any additional changes to your design after installation. As the designer & developer of the custom theme purchased, you must also contact us for express permission if another designer is to make changes.